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This is my only workshop at Grub Street this fall–Saturday November 14 from 10-5 PM in Boston. Come explore the power of place in fiction and nonfiction writing! Visit the Grub Street website to sign up at Grub Street’s website. Grub Street

Judah Leblang is a writer, teacher and storyteller based in Boston, MA. His written and audio pieces combine reflection, keen observation, and humor. Please visit the Show page to see video clips from “One Man’s Journey through the Middle Ages,” the Writing page to read and hear audio clips of some of Judah’s stories, and the Book page to read excerpts of Judah’s memoir, “Finding My Place: One Man’s Journey from Cleveland to Boston and Beyond.”

You can order the book here:

There is also information on Judah’s CDs Finding My Place and Snapshots, as well as a schedule of workshops and readings you may wish to attend. Enjoy!

You can now purchase the e-book in Kindle format from Amazon at:

To contact Judah, email.