CD by Judah Leblang
Snapshots features a series of 14 vignettes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. The pieces are (often humorous) sketches of particular places–many take place in Cleveland, Ohio, while other scenes occur in metro Boston.Several of the pieces have been published in Northern Ohio Live magazine, and have been featured on radio stations in Cleveland, Ohio, Albany, New York and in the Boston area.To order Snapshots, ($15 plus postage), visit MJS Publishing or email me directly at: .

Click to listen to Papa’s Place (mp3) and Small Dreams (mp3)

  Finding My Place:
A CD by Judah Leblang

Finding My Place features five stories—true vignettes that bounce from humor to pathos, that reflect on the human condition. The pieces include:

The History of My Names: Exploring the meaning and the power of names as a marker of identity, culture and dreams;

What a Fellowship: A gay Jewish man goes to a Baptist Church; hear Judah read from What A Fellowship (mp3)

Lost in the East: A long-suffering Indians fan/Clevelander adjusts to life in the Northeast; hear this piece: Lost in the East mp3

WWJD: Going undercover in the Bible Belt;

Finding My Place: A journey South, a new beginning, a recovery from depression

Judah’s work is currently on WRPI-91.5 FM in Troy, NY and has been featured on WKSU–89.7 FM, NPR for Northeast Ohio, and WAMC–90.3 FM NPR for Northeast New York, and other NPR stations around the US.

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“Judah’s storytelling is unique and uniquely superb. His stories always come from the heart and he has an uncanny ability to bring great humor and delightful insight into places of vulnerability, places where many others dare not tread.” –-Deborah Rose, Acupuncturist, Somerville, MA“Mr. Leblang’s performance-stories are authentic, relevant and engaging, no matter who you are or what perspective you’re listening from. For example, What a Fellowship, a tale of a young, gay, white man and his black Godmother, knows few boundaries.” —Damon Feldman, Software Developer, Waltham, MA