The Show


I’ll be performing the latest version of my show Saturday June 3 at 7:30 pm at HI Boston, 19 Stuart Street in Boston’s Theater District. Tickets are $12 at the door. For more info, see the Facebook events page at:

I’ll also be doing my show this summer at the Indianapolis Fringe Festival in August, and the Elgin (IL) Fringe near Chicago in September. Watch this space for more details.

I recently did five shows at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in Minneapolis, and I got a great review from Lavender, the local gay paper.
Check it out here: Lavender Magazine

Over Labor Day weekend 2015, I performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival in Jefferson Park. In summer (2014), I performed “One Man’s Journey” at Cleveland’s Masonic Auditorium, sponsored by Gay Games 9! I also performed the show at Boston’s Hostel International.
In November 2014, I did the show for the “Prime Timers” group for older gay men in Boston.
I’m also did a show with Somerville writer/storyteller Randy Ross on Thursday November 13, 2014 at Somerville Library. Our show, “He Said/He Said” is a mostly humorous look at single life in middle age through the eyes of two men–one straight, one gay.

Over the past two years, I’ve performed “One Man’s Journey through the Middle Ages” at churches, synagogues, community centers, fringe festivals, and other venues. Regardless of setting and the make-up of the audience–straight or gay, black or white, Jewish or Christian–people tell me that they can “relate” to those times when ‘Man planned, and God laughed.’

I’ve gotten great feedback from both audience members and sponsors/hosts, as reflected in the comments below:
“Judah’s work allows diverse audience members to see their own stories. His skilled writing really goes deeply to the human experience. His poignant stories are portrayed with integrity and humor…As one of my students said, he had my attention for the entire show. This show is well worth the time to sit back and receive, to laugh, cry and learn.”
Prilly Sanville
Priscilla H. Sanville Ph. D.
Director of the Arts, Community and Education Masters Degree, Lesley University

“Judah Leblang’s one man show ‘One Man’s Journey through the Middle Ages’ at Temple Beth Zion was a wonderful collection of stories from his life, filled with poignancy, humor and grace. Life moments that anyone can understand and relate to. Beautifully scripted and beautifully shared with his audience. I loved every minute of the show.”
Jenni Seicol
Co-President, Temple Beth Zion, Brookline, Mass

In 2013, I took the show, based on the book and some newer material, to the following sites:
Living Soulfully Toronto @ Canadian Lesbian/Gay Archives,Toronto, Canada Oct 2013
MuCCC Theater: Rochester Fringe Festival, Rochester, NY September 2013
Urban Orchid, Cleveland, Ohio August 2013
Buffalo Infringement Festival, Buffalo, NY July 2013
MuCCC Theater–guest artist–Rochester, NY July 2013
Arlington Street Church, Boston, MA April & September 2013
Congregation K’hal B’raira, Cambridge, MA September 2013

In 2014, I’ll be performing “One Man’s Journey” in Somerville, Mass, and (hopefully) at the Gay Games in Cleveland, Ohio. Watch this space for more details!

In November 2011, I did the show at the Cambridge Center for Adult Ed in Harvard Square. The show was booked for one night only–Saturday November 19 at 7:30 PM. It sold out, and I did it again on February 27, 2012 7:30 PM at Arlington Street Church.

Here’s a video clip from the show: Voices

another clip: What A Fellowship

and one more: Remembering Jerry

Here’s another video, a clip of me performing “My Training Bra” from the book!