2023 Events:

  • August 3-5: World premiere of “The Expiration Date” at the BorderLight Fringe Festival, Cleveland, Ohio
  • June 24: Reading at West Medford Open Studios, Medford, MA
  • May 24: “It’s Now or Never” performance for Duxbury Senior Center, Duxbury, MA
  • May 19: Presentation “Love in All Its’ Forms,” Somerville, MA
  • May 3: Panel presentation on publishing with NE Indie Authors, Medford Public Library, Medford, MA
  • April 27: Reading from Echoes of Jerry at Beachwood Public Library, Beachwood, OH
  • March 23: “It’s Now or Never” at Jamaica Plain Branch Library, Boston, MA
  • February 16: “Love it All Its’ Forms” at Medfield Public Library, Medfield, MA
  • January 22: “Love in All Its’ Forms” at Duxbury Public Library, Duxbury, MA

2022 Events:

  • December 29: It’s Now or Never at Pop-up Fringe, Assemblage Art Space, Boston, MA
  • December 26: Group reading/performance at Pop-up Fringe, Assemblage Art Space, Boston, MA
  • December 6: It’s Now or Never (live/hybrid) @ Hopkinton Public Library, Hopkinton, MA
  • October 24: Presentation with New England Indie Authors @ Beverly Public Library, Beverly, MA
  • October 23: It’s Now or Never (live/hybrid) at Beacon Hill Friends, Boston, MA
  • October 19: Private show @ Akimai Technologies, Cambridge, MA
  • July 20-24: It’s Now or Never at Borderlight Fringe Festival, Cleveland, Ohio
  • June 25: Reading at West Medford Open Studios
  • March 20: It’s Now or Never (live/hybrid) at Duxbury Public Library
  • January 23: Writing From Your Life–(live/hybrid) at Plymouth Public Library

Recent Events: 2021

  • February 11: “Love in All its Forms” program for Franklin Public Library–Live via Zoom, Neiac presentation
  • May 6: “It’s Now or Never” @ Medford Public Library–Live via Zoom
  • May 13: “Spring Forward: Opening into a Season of Hope” live via Zoom at Somerville Public Library–NEIAC presentation
  • Feb 22: Book talk and performance of “It’s Now or Never” at the Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA
  • May 12, June 2, August 4: Cabin Fever Cocktails: Humorous stories about life in a Pandemic Year, Live via Zoom–NEIAC presentation
  • May 26: He Said/He Said–Performance and storytelling with Randy Ross–Facebook Live
  • June 18: Modern Literary Salon via Zoom, Franklin (MA) Public Library–NEIAC presentation
  • June 28: “Jews and Their Muses” via Zoom–NEIAC
  • Sept 10: Publication panel for Medford (MA) Public Library via Zoom–NEIAC
  • Oct 8: Modern Literary Salon via Zoom, Medford Public Library
  • Oct 24: Publications panel for Plymouth (MA) Public Library via Zoom–NEIAC
  • Nov 19: Modern Literary Salon II via Zoom, Medford Public Library–NEIAC
  • Dec 9: Author Talk/Performance for Malden Reads via Zoom
  • Dec 13 “Homebound for the Holidays” reading/performance in collaboration with two local synagogues via Zoom–NEIAC
  • April 4: Performed two pieces on Salem Cable Access TV, Salem, MA
  • June 1: It’s Now or Never at Beacon Hill Friends House, Boston
  • August 3-10: It’s Now or Never at Calgary Fringe Festival, Calgary, AB
  • August 15-25: It’s Now or Never at Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, AB
  • Sept 19: Echoes of Jerry–Cleveland area book launch, South Euclid-Lyndhurst Public Library
  • Sept 27: Echoes of Jerry–Boston area book launch, Porter Square Books, Cambridge
  • Nov 2: Modern Literary Salon with NEIAC–Marblehead, MA
  • Nov 16: Presenter at Literary Cleveland Nonfiction Conference, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
  • Nov 17: Echoes of Jerry–Reading–Local Authors’ Panel at Beachwood Jewish Community Center, Cleveland area
  • December 30: It’s Now or Never at Easton Mountain Retreat Center, Greenwich, NY